Experience Of Dating A Singapore Social Escort?

I know many men in Singapore and foreigners wanting to visit Singapore want to know how the dating scene is like in Singapore with a local social escort girl. Here are some thoughts on the local social escorts in Singapore.

First of all, I highly recommend that you only get a girl from an ACRA registered and legal social escort agency in Singapore like www.sgvipescorts.com. This is because individual girls who advertise their services may actually be underage and their business/income is also not declared, meaning that if you engage their services, you run the risk of having the police intervene, as there was such a case a few years ago where many distinguished members of society in Singapore got exposed for illegally hooking up with a social escort who was under-aged (and to make things worse, got into sexual relations with her). Don’t run this risk and simply engage the girl from a social escort services company in Singapore (which is registered) and then proceed to enjoy your time with the girl instead of worrying.

Second of all, most girls and agencies will not let you have contact with the girls’ actual phone number. This is because some girls get consistently harassed by men (who try to blackmail the girls also in bad cases) if they have their actual numbers. If you have booked a service with an agency, what usually happens is that you are required to put a deposit (make sure you are only dealing with corporate accounts which are registered under the agency’s name and NOT individual POSB/DBS bank accounts as those are usually unregistered and illegal scams in Singapore). Then the agency will guide the girl to your location after verifying your identity and bookings. After meeting, it is up to you and the girl to go wherever for your date.

Third of all, when you engage social escorts in Singapore, it is your duty and respect to treat the girl with lots of privacy. Just like how you are probably a distinguished member of society and are highly successful and that you might not want others to think or know that you went out with a social escort, it is the same case with the girl as well. This is because Singapore is a highly conservative country in terms of culture.

Finding A Good Social Escort In Singapore

As you may already know, Singapore is a highly conservative country, and it will be difficult to engage a social escort agency even though it’s a fully legitimate service in Singapore as most people will be shy to talk about it due to the nature of the service. Therefore, the best way to hire a social escort in Singapore is actually online, as a simple Google search will reveal.

First of all, here are some things you will notice if you were to Google for such companies. What you will notice is that most of the agencies actually do not specialize in local Singaporean girls. I, however, love Singapore girls. So there are really only a few escort agencies in Singapore which specializes in Singapore girls. Here’s one of them known as SG VIP Escorts.

In my opinion, the best social escorts in Singapore are usually attached to agencies. Why? This is because, if your taste is similar to mine, then you clearly don’t want any random Singapore girl. You want a girl with a good family and educational background so that she can pose as your girlfriend at social events. Such girls usually have a day job and are pretty respective working professionals themselves. These girls don’t usually have time to set up their own website etc for marketing, and hence rely on experienced agencies to help them look for clients. If you want high end social escorts, you must go to agencies. If you don’t mind any random girl in SG (may not be local), then by all means go to craigslist or somewhere.

However, it’s very important that to stay on the right side of the law in Singapore, that you only engage agencies which are registered with ACRA (which is the Singapore’s government’s business side).