Is THIS Singapore’s BEST Social Escort Agency?

I have been on the search, high and low, for Singapore’s best social escort agency. As you can imagine, it was not an easy task, partly because it’s expensive to engage social escorts, and secondly, because social escorts are usually only found online, and cannot be found anywhere else or asked from referrals.

Keep in mind that I judge social escorts by 3 key factors – looks, attitude and eloquence. I think it’s extremely important for an escort to look good (duh), to be very polite and not be like a Singaporean ah lian, and also very eloquent as I am looking for a social escort, not a prostitute. I want to talk to my model and feel like they are my girlfriend too.

This is what I think is the best social escort agency in the entire island of the Republic of Singapore – SG VIP Escorts.

sg vip escort

They specialize in some of the most beautiful and elegant local Singaporean ladies I have ever seen across all independent and agencies in Singapore. In fact, I dare say that for most other agencies, their girls are usually foreigners who are passed off as locals, which I dislike. I like local SG girls, and SG VIP Escorts certainly is able to live up to their promise.

Additionally, SG VIP Escorts’ models are also very polite and have a great attitude.

Last but not least, I will say their girls provide a fantastic girlfriend experience. When I go out with their escorts, I feel like I am going out with a real local girl, and I don’t feel like they are paid companions/escorts at all. I love that feeling and that is one of the reasons why I will continue to engage SG VIP Escorts again and again as well.

Alright. So that’s my thoughts. What are yours? Let me know! I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Why Do Escorts In Singapore Have Their Faces Cropped Out?

If you tried ordering a social escort model in Singapore, what you will quickly realize is that none of them would show their faces. This is simply because Singapore is a small country with a tiny population and are very conservative. As there is a social stigma against escorts in Singapore, despite the full legality of it, girls who work as social escort models (such as at local Singaporean agency SG VIP Escorts in Singapore are afraid of being identified if their faces were shown.

This is similar to the overall dating mindset in the Western parts of the world versus Asian countries such as Singapore. Westerners are much more open when it comes to dating practices, while Singaporean girls are definitely not. This carries over to escort services too.

Many escorts in Western countries such as Australia and United States of America actually do it as a full time job. However, most models in Singapore only do it on part time basis after their usual work. Why is this the case? Is it because demand is not sufficient? Not true. Like the other financial / investment powerhouse in Asia, Hong Kong, Singapore is well known to attract wealthy foreigners and locals to do business in. As such, many of these people also like to engage social escorts, so there is no lack of demand and many models make a lot of money if they are highly attractive and young.

The real reason why these Singaporean models still get a day job is to fend off questions regarding their work, as well as put on a front as to how they got all their cash to purchase materialistic items such as designer purses e.t.c. Additionally, it is quite embarrassing for most local girls in Singapore to admit to their family members during Chinese New Year that their full time job is an escort model. That’s the real reason why models in Singapore work part time as a social escort only.

However, if you are a foreigner and would like to engage a local SG girl’s service, there is nothing to fret about, as most of these beautiful ladies are available for bookings on weeknights and weekends.

Social Escort Definition And Meaning Explained

Social escorts are basically (mostly) female models who are supposed to act as a partner and plus 1 and escort their clients to various places, and usually social events or perhaps private dates. Escorts are only meant to be a romantic companion, and nothing more than that. Some escorts have been known to engage in sexual activities with their clients, but this is not performed for money, but is not part of their official job scope.

On the other hand, a prostitute is hired purely for sex or sexual services.

To put it simply, Singapore escort girls basically provides you with the girlfriend experience (affectionately known as GFE in Singapore), while prostitutes are just that. Social escorts are also usually required to be eloquent and classy. They are also usually highly educated and are able to engage in intellectual stimulating conversations and be able to impress any friends or colleagues you may have in Singapore. Think of social escorts as female, romantic companions who will accompany clients to private dates or public events. They usually look very good and are beautiful models who are Singaporean. If you always wanted to date or hang out with a Singaporean model on demand, then look for social escorts. Of course, if you are particular about the type of model, then you should look in advance and not too last minute. Otherwise, most clients in Singapore look for them on the day itself or 1 to 2 days before the intended date.

Additionally, in Singapore, being a social escort, and marketing social escort services is 100% legal and regulated by the government. However, prostitution is legal in Singapore, but the marketing or soliciting of it is strictly illegal. An escort is simply a paid companion, and this is why social escort agencies in Singapore is legal while pimps are not.

If you want to watch a video explaining more of the difference, then check out the following video! There are several videos in the link I have attached below, and you can check out the series of documentary by Straits Times’ RazorTV on Singapore’s social escort.

(Please note featured image girl is randomly picked)

Experience Of Dating A Singapore Social Escort?

I know many men in Singapore and foreigners wanting to visit Singapore want to know how the dating scene is like in Singapore with a local social escort girl. Here are some thoughts on the local social escorts in Singapore.

First of all, I highly recommend that you only get a girl from an ACRA registered and legal social escort agency in Singapore like This is because individual girls who advertise their services may actually be underage and their business/income is also not declared, meaning that if you engage their services, you run the risk of having the police intervene, as there was such a case a few years ago where many distinguished members of society in Singapore got exposed for illegally hooking up with a social escort who was under-aged (and to make things worse, got into sexual relations with her). Don’t run this risk and simply engage the girl from a social escort services company in Singapore (which is registered) and then proceed to enjoy your time with the girl instead of worrying.

Second of all, most girls and agencies will not let you have contact with the girls’ actual phone number. This is because some girls get consistently harassed by men (who try to blackmail the girls also in bad cases) if they have their actual numbers. If you have booked a service with an agency, what usually happens is that you are required to put a deposit (make sure you are only dealing with corporate accounts which are registered under the agency’s name and NOT individual POSB/DBS bank accounts as those are usually unregistered and illegal scams in Singapore). Then the agency will guide the girl to your location after verifying your identity and bookings. After meeting, it is up to you and the girl to go wherever for your date.

Third of all, when you engage social escorts in Singapore, it is your duty and respect to treat the girl with lots of privacy. Just like how you are probably a distinguished member of society and are highly successful and that you might not want others to think or know that you went out with a social escort, it is the same case with the girl as well. This is because Singapore is a highly conservative country in terms of culture.

How To know if a social escort agency is registered in Singapore?

If you’re looking to join a social escort agency, it is important to note that whichever agency you join MUST be registered as a company or business with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). This is for several reasons.

  • If the company that you join is not registered, if the company gets into trouble, you will definitely get into bigger trouble. All unregistered businesses in Singapore are technically liable to get into legal trouble. So don’t take this risk and only work for registered social escort services companies in Singapore.
  • If they’re not registered, they can deny having ever employed you as a full time employee or contractor of the company and refuse to pay you your fair share of the revenue. There are such cases of fraud, and although the person who is guilty usually gets charged with a fine and/or jail, you won’t exactly be compensated with anything. Therefore, it’s just not worth it.

Here is a very simple way to find out if a particular social escort agency you’re thinking of joining is actually legitimate and registered to protect yourself.

First of all, make sure to ask them for their company’s UEN. This is a special and unique corporate entity number which is only for that particular company. You can then tally this number and go to ACRA or to verify if this company exists in reality. A quick 1 minute check will be able to let you know the answer. As long as it exists in ACRA’s database, it’s almost always safe.

Second of all, there is no step 2! That’s right. It’s very simple to find out if a social escort agency you’re planning to join is legitimate.

Hope I helped you out with the above article. Let me know in the comments below if you have any other questions! If you need a recommendation for a good Singapore agency to join, here’s one. Feel free to check out their company profile.

Want To Be A Social Escort In SG? Watch This First

Being a social escort in Singapore has lots of benefits, the first of which is the money and the financial freedom that comes quick after just a few years of working in the industry.

As Singapore is a business hot spot for both locals and foreigners, many rich businessmen like to frequent Singapore as a tourist or as a visiting businessman. This means that social escorts services are actually in high demand in Singapore, as it’s one of the things that comes along with businesses (e.g. clubs e.t.c.).

As demand is high, but population is relatively low in Singapore (who are willing to work as escorts), this usually means sky high salaries for escorts in Singapore. Most escorts make at least $100-300/hour even AFTER the agency’s cut. Top escorts make upwards of $500-700/hour. If you were to get engaged for a 24 hour (1 day) event, you will make around $2000-4000 easily. You can basically make a typical SG graduate’s monthly salary in 1 day. Amazing isn’t it?

However, if you’re absolutely serious about working as an escort in Singapore, then make sure to watch this video interview of a social escort and know both sides of the story (both good and bad) before working as one.

This is because despite the money, you may be changed forever – and I’m not talking about virginity. You don’t have sex or sexual relations as part of escort services (you only do it privately if you and the client want to, but it’s not part of the contract). I’m talking about the way you see men. This is because most of the clients are actually married or attached, and you may have trust issues in future. However, if that’s a small issue or nothing to you, then I can say that being a social escort is actually a very attractive career prospect. Working even part time as a social escort in Singapore for 3-5 years (when you’re still in your 20s, assuming you’re attractive both in terms of personality and looks), can set you up financially for life as you can use the profits you made to set up businesses in future in your 30s.

Finding A Good Social Escort In Singapore

As you may already know, Singapore is a highly conservative country, and it will be difficult to engage a social escort agency even though it’s a fully legitimate service in Singapore as most people will be shy to talk about it due to the nature of the service. Therefore, the best way to hire a social escort in Singapore is actually online, as a simple Google search will reveal.

First of all, here are some things you will notice if you were to Google for such companies. What you will notice is that most of the agencies actually do not specialize in local Singaporean girls. I, however, love Singapore girls. So there are really only a few escort agencies in Singapore which specializes in Singapore girls. Here’s one of them known as SG VIP Escorts.

In my opinion, the best social escorts in Singapore are usually attached to agencies. Why? This is because, if your taste is similar to mine, then you clearly don’t want any random Singapore girl. You want a girl with a good family and educational background so that she can pose as your girlfriend at social events. Such girls usually have a day job and are pretty respective working professionals themselves. These girls don’t usually have time to set up their own website etc for marketing, and hence rely on experienced agencies to help them look for clients. If you want high end social escorts, you must go to agencies. If you don’t mind any random girl in SG (may not be local), then by all means go to craigslist or somewhere.

However, it’s very important that to stay on the right side of the law in Singapore, that you only engage agencies which are registered with ACRA (which is the Singapore’s government’s business side).