Is THIS Singapore’s BEST Social Escort Agency?

I have been on the search, high and low, for Singapore’s best social escort agency. As you can imagine, it was not an easy task, partly because it’s expensive to engage social escorts, and secondly, because social escorts are usually only found online, and cannot be found anywhere else or asked from referrals.

Keep in mind that I judge social escorts by 3 key factors – looks, attitude and eloquence. I think it’s extremely important for an escort to look good (duh), to be very polite and not be like a Singaporean ah lian, and also very eloquent as I am looking for a social escort, not a prostitute. I want to talk to my model and feel like they are my girlfriend too.

This is what I think is the best social escort agency in the entire island of the Republic of Singapore – SG VIP Escorts.

sg vip escort

They specialize in some of the most beautiful and elegant local Singaporean ladies I have ever seen across all independent and agencies in Singapore. In fact, I dare say that for most other agencies, their girls are usually foreigners who are passed off as locals, which I dislike. I like local SG girls, and SG VIP Escorts certainly is able to live up to their promise.

Additionally, SG VIP Escorts’ models are also very polite and have a great attitude.

Last but not least, I will say their girls provide a fantastic girlfriend experience. When I go out with their escorts, I feel like I am going out with a real local girl, and I don’t feel like they are paid companions/escorts at all. I love that feeling and that is one of the reasons why I will continue to engage SG VIP Escorts again and again as well.

Alright. So that’s my thoughts. What are yours? Let me know! I look forward to hearing your thoughts!