Social Escort Definition And Meaning Explained

Social escorts are basically (mostly) female models who are supposed to act as a partner and plus 1 and escort their clients to various places, and usually social events or perhaps private dates. Escorts are only meant to be a romantic companion, and nothing more than that. Some escorts have been known to engage in sexual activities with their clients, but this is not performed for money, but is not part of their official job scope.

On the other hand, a prostitute is hired purely for sex or sexual services.

To put it simply, Singapore escort girls basically provides you with the girlfriend experience (affectionately known as GFE in Singapore), while prostitutes are just that. Social escorts are also usually required to be eloquent and classy. They are also usually highly educated and are able to engage in intellectual stimulating conversations and be able to impress any friends or colleagues you may have in Singapore. Think of social escorts as female, romantic companions who will accompany clients to private dates or public events. They usually look very good and are beautiful models who are Singaporean. If you always wanted to date or hang out with a Singaporean model on demand, then look for social escorts. Of course, if you are particular about the type of model, then you should look in advance and not too last minute. Otherwise, most clients in Singapore look for them on the day itself or 1 to 2 days before the intended date.

Additionally, in Singapore, being a social escort, and marketing social escort services is 100% legal and regulated by the government. However, prostitution is legal in Singapore, but the marketing or soliciting of it is strictly illegal. An escort is simply a paid companion, and this is why social escort agencies in Singapore is legal while pimps are not.

If you want to watch a video explaining more of the difference, then check out the following video! There are several videos in the link I have attached below, and you can check out the series of documentary by Straits Times’ RazorTV on Singapore’s social escort.

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