How To know if a social escort agency is registered in Singapore?

If you’re looking to join a social escort agency, it is important to note that whichever agency you join MUST be registered as a company or business with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). This is for several reasons.

  • If the company that you join is not registered, if the company gets into trouble, you will definitely get into bigger trouble. All unregistered businesses in Singapore are technically liable to get into legal trouble. So don’t take this risk and only work for registered social escort services companies in Singapore.
  • If they’re not registered, they can deny having ever employed you as a full time employee or contractor of the company and refuse to pay you your fair share of the revenue. There are such cases of fraud, and although the person who is guilty usually gets charged with a fine and/or jail, you won’t exactly be compensated with anything. Therefore, it’s just not worth it.

Here is a very simple way to find out if a particular social escort agency you’re thinking of joining is actually legitimate and registered to protect yourself.

First of all, make sure to ask them for their company’s UEN. This is a special and unique corporate entity number which is only for that particular company. You can then tally this number and go to ACRA or to verify if this company exists in reality. A quick 1 minute check will be able to let you know the answer. As long as it exists in ACRA’s database, it’s almost always safe.

Second of all, there is no step 2! That’s right. It’s very simple to find out if a social escort agency you’re planning to join is legitimate.

Hope I helped you out with the above article. Let me know in the comments below if you have any other questions! If you need a recommendation for a good Singapore agency to join, here’s one. Feel free to check out their company profile.

Want To Be A Social Escort In SG? Watch This First

Being a social escort in Singapore has lots of benefits, the first of which is the money and the financial freedom that comes quick after just a few years of working in the industry.

As Singapore is a business hot spot for both locals and foreigners, many rich businessmen like to frequent Singapore as a tourist or as a visiting businessman. This means that social escorts services are actually in high demand in Singapore, as it’s one of the things that comes along with businesses (e.g. clubs e.t.c.).

As demand is high, but population is relatively low in Singapore (who are willing to work as escorts), this usually means sky high salaries for escorts in Singapore. Most escorts make at least $100-300/hour even AFTER the agency’s cut. Top escorts make upwards of $500-700/hour. If you were to get engaged for a 24 hour (1 day) event, you will make around $2000-4000 easily. You can basically make a typical SG graduate’s monthly salary in 1 day. Amazing isn’t it?

However, if you’re absolutely serious about working as an escort in Singapore, then make sure to watch this video interview of a social escort and know both sides of the story (both good and bad) before working as one.

This is because despite the money, you may be changed forever – and I’m not talking about virginity. You don’t have sex or sexual relations as part of escort services (you only do it privately if you and the client want to, but it’s not part of the contract). I’m talking about the way you see men. This is because most of the clients are actually married or attached, and you may have trust issues in future. However, if that’s a small issue or nothing to you, then I can say that being a social escort is actually a very attractive career prospect. Working even part time as a social escort in Singapore for 3-5 years (when you’re still in your 20s, assuming you’re attractive both in terms of personality and looks), can set you up financially for life as you can use the profits you made to set up businesses in future in your 30s.

Finding A Good Social Escort In Singapore

As you may already know, Singapore is a highly conservative country, and it will be difficult to engage a social escort agency even though it’s a fully legitimate service in Singapore as most people will be shy to talk about it due to the nature of the service. Therefore, the best way to hire a social escort in Singapore is actually online, as a simple Google search will reveal.

First of all, here are some things you will notice if you were to Google for such companies. What you will notice is that most of the agencies actually do not specialize in local Singaporean girls. I, however, love Singapore girls. So there are really only a few escort agencies in Singapore which specializes in Singapore girls. Here’s one of them known as SG VIP Escorts.

In my opinion, the best social escorts in Singapore are usually attached to agencies. Why? This is because, if your taste is similar to mine, then you clearly don’t want any random Singapore girl. You want a girl with a good family and educational background so that she can pose as your girlfriend at social events. Such girls usually have a day job and are pretty respective working professionals themselves. These girls don’t usually have time to set up their own website etc for marketing, and hence rely on experienced agencies to help them look for clients. If you want high end social escorts, you must go to agencies. If you don’t mind any random girl in SG (may not be local), then by all means go to craigslist or somewhere.

However, it’s very important that to stay on the right side of the law in Singapore, that you only engage agencies which are registered with ACRA (which is the Singapore’s government’s business side).